【Minaxdo Xin Souvenir】

  • Owner:MINAXDO

  • Location:Shanghai China

  • Area:85sqm

  • Function:Business

  • Date:2017

  • Status:Completed

You see me / for a moment while / watching the clouds / I think / you see me far / watch clouds are very close

Minaxdo was originally a construction firm, now the company has developed two branches of wood and gifts, carry forward Chinese Culture is the purpose of Minaxdo. The designing of Xin Souvenir shop inspired by clouds, when people enter the store , walk in the clouds, will find it is a new shopping experience.

Smooth curved white surface symbolizes the floating clouds, the distance between people is near and far.

Product design and development according to the gems of Chinese traditional culture. We try to choose natural materials and ncourage original, we are working on that one. We're trying. It's ongoing.