【Urban Design of Luxiangyuan Zone in Shanghai】

  • Owner:Shanghai Luxiangyuan Properties Co., Ltd.

  • Location:Shanghai China

  • Area:390,000sqmFunction:Residence, Office, Business

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Completed

Through the research into the original urban structure, we gradually understand the keynote of the whole design: the basis for the harmonious coexistence of new and old is the reasonable protection and renewal of the original city and building as well as the innovative design for the cultural value of the original place.
The reserved building system forms the main skeleton of the urban design, on which the exterior open space is expanded along the distribution of protected building to provide flexible protected space and reuse method for the protected buildings.  The new buildings are distributed surrounding the centralized skeleton.  From all perspectives of the base, whether you are at the balcony of tall building, the window of the headquarters office or the high-rise apartment, you may view and appreciate these buildings within the short distance to experience the history of the old city.  Such interpenetrating arrangements make the old building integrate with the modern life in an active way to give off new vitality.