【Taihu New City Zero-Carbon Building Exhibition Hall】

  • Owner:Taihu New City Construction Command HQ

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:15,000sqm

  • Function:Exhibition Hall

  • Date:2012

  • Status:Scheme

The building plays a transition role between the wetland to the west of the site and the urban streets, starting communication by way of the romantic imagination of ‘ripple’. With the circular pool in the center as the radiating point, all elements are arranged by way of ripple, forming organic relationship in between. The zigzag-arranged principle building stands out prominently with its rare non-curve line element, which functions as an exhibition space under the theme of biology and low carbon, fully interprets the water element technically and artistically, satisfies the requirements for both poetic and artistic space and thus vividly symbolizes the theme of ‘biological building’.