【Concept Design of Beijing “City Landmark” 2008】

  • Owner:Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning

  • Location:Beijing China

  • Height:366m

  • Function:Sightseeing tower

  • Date:2005

  • Status:Best Research Award


The366mvertical element has both symbolic and functional connotations. We are in pursuit of a visual image integrating both contemporary sense and conventional concept. It is special not only by an individual object but by the enriched connotation contained herein. 366m is both a height and a scale, representing every second and minute within a year. The figure is not only a reasonable structure but derives from the Chinese culture, daily life and vessel, incorporating the understanding of Chinese philosophy and culture. Its functionality is a major tool for us to create a happy experience. The huge totem is not lofty but a platform where everyone can reach. Its entertainment and figurativeness are closely bound. It becomes a scenic spot that the tourists must see in the Olympic Park.