【International Design Competition for Guangzhou Three Museums One Square】

  • Organization:Committee of International Design Competition for Four Cultural Facilities in Guangzhou

  • Location:Guangzhou China


  • Cooperative design:AGENCE TER

  • Area:310,000sqm

  • Date:2013

  • Status:Shortlisted

The southward central axis of the city starts from here.The spine from the south bank of the Pearl River to thenorth of Haizhu Ecological City will lead central urbanarea of Guangzhou to develop to the south. The masterplan of Lingnan Square is intended to establish a moreopen green spine, which can extend to Haizhu Lake in thefuture. The hard city boundary is offset by new ecological

natural park.
The concepts of urban design and landscape design areinspired by Baiyun Mountains and Zhonghzou Islandin Pear River. Differently shaped islands scatter onthe background of natural forest: newly built museumbuilding, Chigang Potato, or preserved buildingsembracing Creative Industry Center, or landscapes withdifferent function. Each island has its distinct featuresand different atmosphere created by selected plants andeach of them is distinguished by a poetic name, such asbeauty, fog, fragrance and meaning etc.