【Southwest Primary School】

  • Owner:Huzhou ring Taihu Group Co., Ltd.

  • Location:Huzhou China

  • Area:36,848sqm

  • Function:Primary school

  • Date:2015-2019

  • Status:Completed

The shape of the building secretly echoes the shape of the surrounding mountains. The courtyard between the two teaching buildings also looks like a mountain valley. The terrace, with a natural retreat from low to high, like a mountain that stretches upwards, becomes the prominent place for students’ activities between classes, and at the same time, outlines the broader shape of the sky. The magnificent sky and rosy clouds can be seen between the mountains and rivers, and this scene also performs over the courtyard from time to time, against the gray buildings, becoming a natural miracle in every ordinary day. The horizontally stretched long lines are cut powerfully in the smooth movement process, forming a firm turn on the gallery's outer wall. It comes from the brush and ink descriptions of mountains and rocks in traditional Chinese painting and reflects the power of mountains and cities in every passing light and cloud.