【Fengxi Primary school】

  • Owner:Huzhou Jingkai Investment Development Group Co.LTD.

  • Location:Huzhou China

  • Area:23,791 sqm

  • Function:Primary school

  • Date:2018-2021

  • Status:Completed

There is a clear boundary between the solid building and the free space. Especially in the high density city, the interest of the space is often located in the function of the building, and it seems that it is difficult to achieve a balance between the two. We adopt the layout mode of "circumference and central opening", and consider the building body of different functions in the school as a whole element, the building body spreads along the base and the road, and the folded structure forms the counterpart relationship on the general picture at the same time, and the building divides the base into an open sports area. In the movable courtyard with enclosed area, the inner area enclosed by different buildings form a horizontally extended visual continuous space. The main entrance is located in the southern part of the site, with a logistic entrance on the north side, and a centralized student transfer site at the main entrance of the main entrance to the southeast corner. All functional blocks are placed on the site according to the most reasonable relationship, forming the basic logic and order. Free space will undergo a new cohesive and cohesive form in the way of latitude transformation.