【Shanghai Ivy League International Kindergarten】

  • Owner:Shanghai Yushi Education Investment Co., Ltd.

  • Location:Shanghai China

  • Area:7658sqm

  • Function:Kindergarten

  • Date:2017

  • Status:Scheme

The predecessor of the building is an abandoned garment factory. On the "mouth" shape of the enclosure, the surrounding slope roof and some facade joints change to create an alternative "industrial architecture". As a garment factory, abundant floor height and large depth provide economic function for building. For new functions to be introduced, changes in demand will bring about changes in space, thus creating a new balance.

Kindergarten space is the space for exploration and growth, and space itself is the largest teaching aids. Sufficient lighting, wake-up corners, and natural hands can become the focus of design. And the changes in the color and form of the building itself will make the cognitive leap forward.

Courtyard is the core of children's architecture. This concept comes from the long history. A enclosed courtyard will provide a sense of security for the weak individuals. The concrete function of form transforms into a strong psychological feeling in the long river of time. In buildings and venues, the courtyard awakens the sleeping building space, making it produce amazing qualitative changes.

In the building body surrounded by four sides, the standard teaching unit is placed on the north and south sides. All the auxiliary functions are arranged on the East and the west side. The rectangular space of the middle rules is molded into the courtyard of the core of the building, accommodating all teaching, practice and amusement.