【"double courtyard" Office buildings and research institutes of LINNOVA new energy】

  • Owner:Hubei linuo, new energy technology co., LTD

  • Location:Shiyan China

  • Area:47637 sqm

  • Function:Office buildings and research institutes

  • Date:2018

  • Status:Scheme

The square matrix has appeared many times in architecture. It not only functionally meets the lighting requirements of different parts, but also forms an iconic language and a system of landscape Windows, which is very common in traditional Chinese architecture and painting. All the scenery is cut into separate pictures. This casual aesthetic experience subtly diffuses throughout the building, forming the beauty of our architectural discovery.

The platform and the ground form a double activity space. The platform maximizes the utilization rate of land and forms a large amount of public space. For the users, the building is no longer a closed barrier, but a place where they can share and communicate. We call it "double courtyard". The courtyard is the core of Chinese architecture and spirit, and the three-dimensional courtyard, which brings more rich experience, also constitutes the most important spirit of this building.