【Leigongao Culture and Sports Industrial Park Transformation】

  • Owner:Jiangxi Provincial Expressway Investment Group Co.,Ltd+Shanghai Bridge8 group

  • Location:Nanchang China

  • Area:136158 sqm

  • Function:Culture and Sports Industrial Park

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Under Construction

As the transformation of the existing building, it connects with the present and future life on the basis of respecting the original site and building, and injects new life and vitality into the old building. The buildings on the site have undergone the baptism of time. We have incorporated the original buildings into new functions, and transformed and renovated the interior and exterior. Transformation is not just the pursuit of new image, new space, but on the basis of the past, with the power of the present, into the hope of the future. The timeline passes through the tangible building, forming the solid text in the city with thickness and readability. What is injected is not only service, experience and consumption content, but also a lot of content innovation and production space. It will become a sustainable, diversified, multi-dimensional, two-mode cultural and sports industrial park sample.