【Wonder Room-PENINSULA ‘Art in Resonance’】


  • Location:Hongkong China

  • Function:Art installationl

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Completed

In a continuation of the group’s ethos of innovation, The Peninsula Hotels has worked alongside curators Isolde Brielmaier and Bettina Prentice to commission work from artists who are poetically pushing the boundaries of their mediums and engaging the senses in works that will inspire and enchant visitors.

From 26 March until 21 June 2019, visitors and guests at The Peninsula Hong Kong can enjoy installations by Janet Echelman, whose artwork floats above the historic forecourt of the hotel; Timothy Paul Myers, whose inspired piece, situated in the hotel’s lobby, aims to conjure personal memories; Iván Navarro, whose interplay of space and light encourages its audience to reimagine the concept of home; and an intriguing architectural space, designed by Zhi-gang Lu and teams at MINAX and Minaxdo, which offers visitors a unique private dining venue.