【Endless Tower-PIAGET《The Journey of Happiness》】

  • Owner:PIAGET

  • Location:Shanghai China

  • Function:Art installationl

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Completed

'The Journey of Happiness', a time-limited art exhibition held by Swiss fine jewelry and watch master - PIAGET, was unveiled in Plaza 66 in Shanghai on August 29, 2019.

Chinese artist Lu Zhigang created The <Endless Tower> with wooden structure, explaining the beginning of his journey "Pursuit of Happiness". His art work echos PIAGET’s metalworking art, with light, shadow and color of endless tower, and the 24 points along the innumerable samsara, looking forward to unpredictable and promising future. As time goes by, every moment of reality will become a memory or a longing for the next second. Time is as precious as Gold. This work experiences a journey of finding light together with the audience to taste the endless feeling of pursuing aurora.