【GOTHIC Art Center – Shanshui】

  • Owner:SHISHI building Materials Limited

  • Location:Chongqing China

  • Area:260sqm

  • Function:Exhibition Hall

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Completed

Under the condition of invariable in keeping the original office space, design to organize activity of reception, the space with the ups and downs of the winding stone mesa imitate "song of water" to put through the space that does not rule, the mesa height range and separate out the different functional areas can be tasting tea can rest can entertainment, dot stick hanging on top of the matrix form virtual yamagata, and log cabins, sparse different ways of suspension casting out the illicit close sex, half illicit close sex, openness of different functional Spaces. Wall sample exhibition area with gradually rising strewn at random, draw the outline of the mountain city's unique visual image, but also with this kind of abstract expression, reflected the pottery board rich color texture changes and strong plasticity.

The surrounding mountains, the city, the wind, the lights, the winding water in the middle of the poem wine singing in this small space, is our cultural understanding and expression of chongqing.