【GOTHIC Art Center - Jinguan City】

  • Owner:SHISHI building Materials Limited

  • Location:Chengdu China

  • Area:580 sqm

  • Function:Exhibition Hall

  • Date:2019

  • Status:Completed

According to the characteristics of the original space, the upper part of the mezzanine is selected to form a semi-transparent teahouse suspended in midair. The complete natural form becomes the visual focus of the whole space, and the rest of the functional space is centered around this main element, which is regarded as the visual background. The sky tea room can be used as a high-end reception and meeting place with a bird 's-eye view of the venue and the whole wetland park. The next set drinks bar, use teahouse skin to become its top, outline the space scope that belongs to privately.

The ground floor is entered by the entrance hall, which is a high space for viewing the tea room in the sky. It makes full use of the height and landscape, forming a multi-functional place with a sense of ceremony, which can be used for speeches, parties, cold meals, temporary exhibitions and other purposes. The teahouse and the whole high space together create a rich light and shadow relationship and visual tension. 

The traditional product display area is expanded in a redefined product display way, and the static state is rigidly transformed into the artistic vitality of the space. Ceramic plates with different colors and surface textures constitute the construction of flower shapes, which are used to shape different scenes in different exhibition areas, in order to echo the design idea of "flower re-brocade official city". The breakthrough of exhibition mode is a kind of cultural narration, which gives a new meaning to the simple exhibition process and gives a poetic sense of "half into the river wind and half into the clouds". 

Functionality is our consistent pursuit, on top of this, we pursue more cultural meaning expression, the purpose is to make the space has a story, expand the boundaries of product application. Scenes are the link between products and people, and we strive to make this link more interesting and wonderful.