【Jiangnan District Embroidered Garment Factory】

  • Owner:Jiangsu Jiangnan Trading Group co. LTD

  • Location:Changshu China

  • Area:9726 sqm

  • Function:Cultural center, Office, Business

  • Date:2021

  • Status:Completed

The old workshop built 40 years ago is located in the most prosperous central area of changshu city. The changes of time and the development of cities have brought about great changes in the original functional layout of cities. Production has given way to consumption, which has triggered the complete transformation of urban architectural functions. On the basis of maintaining the original building volume and appearance, the newly added structural elements, on the basis of reconstructing the functional streamline, also bring about the change of the appearance of the building area. The change does not depend on the new covering the old, but on the juxtaposition of this historical relationship in the dimension of time, which not only meets the requirements of the new functions of the city, but also marks the clear trace of development.

The "new" of architecture is rooted in a poetic recombination relative to the "old". The floating cloud corridor appears freely between the originally hard and solemn buildings. Let a person's feet break free from the shackles of the ground, to launch a romantic journey in time and space.