【Zhuhai Art Museum】

  • Owner:Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of culture

  • Location:Zhuhai China

  • Area:19954sqm

  • Function:Art Museum

  • Date:2018

  • Status:Scheme

The building adopts a four corner star layout, and forms different external functional spaces through the torsion of the basic shape. Four extended volumes, as four main exhibition halls, surround the central through space.

The four pointed star, which has a strong identity, is located on the black foundation stone, which contains the warehouse, office and entrance etiquette space. Simple and abstract, with a strong sense of sculpture and strength, it outlines the unique appearance of a cultural building.

The generation of all forms, adhering to the rigorous mathematical logic, not only ensures the smooth implementation of the later stage, but also makes the building have a unique rational aesthetic feeling. It has become an aesthetic model from the perspective of the city.