【Office building of Wuxi Binhu Development Zone Management Committee】

  • Owner:Wuxi Binhu Development Zone Management Committee

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:5,725sqm

  • Function:Office

  • Date:2005

  • Status:Scheme

What we create is a functional office building, and we are also creating a most humanized functional building. The clear and clear space organization makes the building become the best representation of the user's internal spirit and external image under the premise of meeting the daily high-efficiency work rhythm. At the most basic level, the humanized performance of architecture is to meet the requirements of direct users to the greatest extent. The poetic flavor of architecture is reflected by the transformation of space, skin and light in the process of people's moving and position changing. The juxtaposition and overlap of different materials make the building present completely different images at different times. At the same time, it also hides the most basic functions. What is conveyed is a concept of Jiangnan.