【Academy between lake and mountain-Xifengyang primary and secondary school】

  • Owner:Huzhou ring Taihu Group Co., Ltd.

  • Location:Huzhou China

  • Area:55,355 sqm

  • Function:Primary&Secondary school

  • Date:2018

  • Status:Proposal

The public Shared belt between primary and middle schools incorporates most of the space that can be used efficiently or in time segments, increasing the utilization rate of the space and avoiding repetitive construction and waste.

Different levels and areas have been set up to facilitate the activities of students, which not only enrich the form of the building, but also bring a variety of possibilities for use.

Primary and middle schools are completely separate, facilitating the organization of teaching and daily management.

Combined with the underground transfer system set up by the underground garage, it will further relieve the traffic pressure in the city, and also make the transfer process of students not affected by bad weather, to ensure safety and order.