【Yangming Experimental school】

  • Owner:Wuxi Liangxi District Education Bureau

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:68,043sqm

  • Function:Nine-year school

  • Date:2020

  • Status:Under Construction

The curve parallel to the ground, in line with the twists and turns of the landscape created by the building body, connects the horizontal and vertical dimensions, naturally forms the void and reality in the memory of Chinese architectural space, and directly expresses how people live and grow in the architecture and nature. Curve to expand as the veranda, its as campus characteristics, at the same time around the block, and of different sizes is formed between the building courtyard, buildings and environment as a whole, sensibility and active atmosphere, efficiency is the highest building in the curve, becomes lightsome, like away from gravity floating on air. This kind of infiltration of architecture and landscape is a remarkable feature of the region in the south of the Yangtze River. The courtyard plays a role of blurring and softening the boundary between architecture and road. Each single building and related public body, with the ground floor overhead and transparent, become a multi-level rich morpheme, together to create a unified, harmonious and forward-looking new campus system.