【Range Upon Range of Green Hills- Hefeng Road Primary School】

  • Owner:Wuxi Economic Development Zone Construction Bureau

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:58,325sqm

  • Function:Primary School

  • Date:2021

  • Status:Under Construction

With multi-level horizontal volume division, a rich and iconic architectural image and indoor and outdoor space combination are formed to create an interesting high-quality public space and a unique architectural experience. Fully introduce three-dimensional natural elements, including plants, sunlight and wind. Abandon the monotony and dullness of traditional campus architecture, let students learn and enjoy in architecture, and let the passive space in traditional campus disappear completely. Concise and abstract form, combined with various types of space experience, provides different cognition and interpretation for different individuals. Through the combination and change of architecture, multi-level and multi type communication is formed. Architecture has also become an important means of education. Openness and sharing, simplicity and brightness help to form a positive atmosphere in the psychological and physiological fields.