【Floating Clouds and Flowing Water - Expo East Road Middle School】

  • Owner:Wuxi Economic Development Zone Construction Bureau

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:48,461sqm

  • Function:MiddleSchool

  • Date:2021

  • Status:Under Construction

Based on the elegant form of Chinese traditional calligraphy, combined with the landscape culture in the south of the Yangtze River, and taking "clouds and flowing water" as the conception theme, we build our campus environment and architecture. The smooth curve shape eliminates the irregularity of the base. The platform on the first floor along the base not only separates public classrooms and teaching units, but also gives birth to a new activity site. The naturally uplifted hills on it contain large functional blocks, forming a rich and three-dimensional vertical level. The teaching building is light, winding and progressive, providing sufficient outdoor activity venues for each class, forming the main visual symbol of the campus.

The smooth curvilinear architecture constitutes the unique character of the campus as a key public building node in the region, and naturally integrates with each interface of the city, improving the spatial quality of the region. Efficient shuttle system, smooth traffic organization and distinctive courtyards are combined to form a clever expression of the basic functions of the campus and Wuxi local culture.