【Sitting on Clouds-3D Printed Art installation】

  • Owner:MINAXDO Art and Living Space

  • Location:Shanghai China

  • Area:16sqm

  • Function:Device

  • Date:2021

  • Status:Completed

We combine 3D printing construction technology into implementing an art installation to test the current application maturity of this technology. The most significant advantage of 3D printing is that it takes digital models directly to the manufacturer factory from design, thus reducing a large number of unnecessary processes. It minimizes the labor cost of on-site construction, expands the design language, and enters a freer creation dimension.

The installation is named "Sitting on clouds," echoing the "Cloud" theme of "Yunlin Theatre," creating a structure in the sequoias forest where you can climb and lie down freely. A continuous curve spirals up among the trees and gradually shrinks to form a natural grandstand from bottom to top. When reaching the top, it floats out to the outer circle, spreading like a cloud and becoming a cloud seat that you can lay on. The line bends down at the top and connects to the original point. It is an end-to-end curve, expressed as the endless rebirth of all things in the world.