【Daixi Culture and Sports Center】

  • Owner:Huzhou Wuxing EDCID Group

  • Location:Huzhou China

  • Area:33,350sqm

  • Function:Culture and Sports Center

  • Date:2022

  • Status:Under Construction

Give up the rigid rationality and accept the natural sensibility. Just like the ink landscape painting, there are many centers in the painting, which are independent and connected with each other. When we take dreams and associations as the materials for thinking and creation, our vision begins to become open and free. The building is no longer just rising from the ground and finally half empty, nor is it just extending horizontally and ending at the wall. It will be a section open to the outside, including the environment without end. An arc parallel to the ground follows the trend of the natural landscape, twists and turns, connects the horizontal and vertical dimensions, and naturally forms the virtual and real in the memory of architectural space, thus directly expressing how people live and grow in architecture and nature.