【Low-Carbon Technology Innovation Promotion Center of the Sino-Swiss Low-Carbon Eco-City】

  • Owner:Wuxi Economic Development Zone Development Center

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:3,735 sqm

  • Function:Exhibition Hall

  • Date:2023

  • Status:Completed

The building is located on the northeast side of the intersection of Qingyuan Road and Qingshu Road, occupying an area of 7 500 square meters with a building area of 3 735 square meters. The project has achieved a three-star rating in green building standards, with a prefabricated assembly ratio of 88%. It adopts a minimalist design approach, accommodating all functions within a suspended rectangular volume. The structure is made of fully prefabricated steel, with an extremely high assembly ratio, allowing the building to be completed in less than four months.

The architectural structure, enveloped in a complete metallic cladding and intersected by lines, resembles cracked rocks, radiating the enchanting light from within.

The metal box is suspended on a transparent pedestal, with a clean and smooth surface. The whole and full-length sandwich composite metal panels are chosen as facade materials. The exquisite frosted metal surface reflects the ever-changing urban scenery, presenting a colorful appearance under different lighting conditions. The cracks run through the vertical windows and skylights on the facade. The basic composition logic that divides the patterns is derived from an abstract interpretation of the urban texture, which also serves as a unique identification symbol of the building. Transparent glass releases the magnificent glow from within, creating a rhythmic variation of scales on the facade. The building appears to float above the river of light, and the permeating flowing light becomes the pulsating heartbeat of the vibrant city that never rests.