【Yangming Experimental School】

  • Owner:Wuxi Liangxi District Education Bureau

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:73,000sqm

  • Function:Middle and Primary School

  • Date:2023

  • Status:Completed

Following the placement of the four basic teaching units, the introduction of a winding corridor injects an emotional dimension into the rational layout, infusing a gentle sense of relaxation into the precision of efficiency. This curved corridor serves as a pivotal space, integrating administrative buildings and several specialized classrooms, while also facilitating essential circulation and public activities. It surrounds and connects various blocks, forming enclosed spaces of varying sizes that harmonize lower-level classrooms and auxiliary rooms with the natural environment, creating a dynamically atmospheric whole. Above the second floor, where a rational and quiet atmosphere is required for regular classrooms and administrative offices, a vertical separation is established. The linear corridor weaves through the orderly block layout of the campus, combining two different graphic forms to create multi-layered pathways, activating spaces that become crucial relaxation areas for students during breaks. The courtyards, divided by the curved corridor, sharply contrast with the restrained state of the upper levels, and the facades' horizontal and vertical compositions gradually transform when encountering the curved corridor. This three-dimensional contrast imparts an ethereal quality to the teaching buildings, as if they are gracefully suspended above the campus.