【Two works of MINAX architects were selected and shortlisted for "Shanghai Design 100 +"】

At present, design has become the core link, important driving force and value orientation in the industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain in the fields of manufacturing, construction, service and digital. Shanghai became the "city of design" named by UNESCO in 2010. According to the key work arrangement of the municipal government, the first "Shanghai Design 100 +" cultivation work was launched. Based on public voting, expert voting and industrial sector voting, 100 positive candidates and 199 shortlisted were selected. "Mobile interior space & large artistic installation w-box" of MINAX architects was selected, and "cloud workshop" was shortlisted.


W-box presents a theme multi-functional space for tea, food, meeting and conversation. 999 pine trees are arranged centripetally in a rectangular space and cut along the built-in ellipse. Each square has its own angle and length. The interior space also has a relatively clear boundary. The square wood forms a translucent enclosure between the rectangular boundary of 3.8 m * 4.7 m and the oval internal space. It's an overlap of two geometry, three densities. Each dimension presents a kind of precise movement and change. The oblique section at the end of the square reflects the external light. The line of sight depicts a progressive circle in the space, and the circle completes the shaping of the shape between retraction and extension.


The construction of "cloud workshop" wood art studio is to train students' ability to find and solve problems by themselves, so that they can feel and experience the reality and closeness of life in real space. In the process of polishing, students' creative quality can be fully developed, and students' ability and personality can be fully developed.

 "Cloud workshop" wood studio is mainly divided into topic board teaching area, hand-made tools storage area, timber storage area, mechanical and electrical area, hand-made production area and student work area. The content of the course will be divided into ten categories: basic woodworking, modern instruments, traditional mortise and tenon, interesting woodworking, furniture carpentry, decryption carving, wood handicraft, simulated car Xuan, wonderful wood decoration and living carpentry. Under the leadership of the teacher and the cooperation between students, the children will master the correct use of tools through learning and operation, study and understand the characteristics of Chinese traditional woodworking technology and modern wood products, make corresponding innovative wood works, enjoy the fun of work, and train the students' cooperation ability.