【The limited time art exhibition of the journey of happiness by count Piaget】


Lu Zhigang's art work“ endless tower”


Lu Zhigang's art work“ endless tower”


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Dutch artists The Verhoeven Twins , Chinese artists HUANG Ying and LU Zhigang have joined Piaget in this exhibition and demonstrated their understanding of “The Journey of Happiness” through three exceptional tailor-made art master pieces along with the Altiplano ultra-thin watches collection. Artworks together with luxury watches pay a true tribute to Piaget’s delicate craftsmanship through the Art of Colour, Art of Light, Art of Gold, and Art of Movement.

Chinese artist Mr. LU Zhigang designed the “Endless Tower” to echo Piaget’s Art of Gold. The golden “Endless Tower” symbolised the endless pursuit of happiness and perfection. The use of gold also symbolizes the preciousness of time.

In the “Endless Tower”, Mr. LU Zhigang integrated a philosophical concept with his artistic skills to create a unique aesthetic space, a tribute to perfection.