【The transformation of Jiangnan embroidery garment factory was completed】


Changshu embroidery garment factory was established in 1979 and moved to No. 77, Haiyu South Road in 1989. In 2019, Changshu Jiangnan group entrusted MINAX to be responsible for the transformation and renovation on the existing basis, in order to awaken her vitality and value.

In July 2021, Jiangnan embroidery garment factory opened brightly. Relying on the innovative cloud corridor and the reorganization of old buildings, it quickly became a fashion landmark of Changshu. This old transformation based on innovation really made the buildings glow with sustainable vitality. The real value of architecture is its use value. In the process of use, the rich and personalized life marks brought by different users can make the building serve people for a long time, coexist with the times and society, and become the recorder of the development of the times.